Jobs Search

Job Search


Launched a new mobile app for active job seekers to find and apply to their next opportunity.

I led design from initial strategy to launch, creating a new visual language which influenced LinkedIn’s subsequent mobile redesign.

5 months, 2014

1 designer, 1 researcher, 1 pm, 4 engineers

strategy, ideation, interactions, visuals, prototypes





The main LinkedIn mobile app focused primarily in helping people grow their professional network and staying informed. Active job seekers needed additional tools to search, discover, and apply to jobs.


We explored extending the main LinkedIn app or building a separate experience. After extensive ethnographic research, our members expressed the need for a private job centric experience, where their job activity on LinkedIn would be siloed from the rest of their network. Additionally, their job search mental model warranted a different information architecture. With these core insights, we developed a separate mobile app to meet their job seeking needs. I also took this opportunity to modernize the existing visual design.



The app quickly ranked as the top free business app on the App Store for several months with an average user rating of 4.5/5. It saw 3x engagement over the main LinkedIn app. With this newfound momentum and potential revenue stream, the new Careers team was founded to deliver a streamlined job experience across all LinkedIn surfaces. Under my leadership, I established a new design team and grew it to 10 designers.

Ultimately, this work was foundational in cementing LinkedIn’s focus on connecting people to jobs. Through these initiatives, over 4 million people found jobs on LinkedIn in 2017.