Closer Than You Think

Closer Than You Think


Creative design lead for the landing page for LinkedIn’s first TV marketing campaign.

Website (offline)

2 weeks, 2016

2 designers, 1 pm, 2 engineers

creative direction, wireframes, interactions





The marketing team was working on LinkedIn’s first TV ad campaign. They needed a landing page for all their marketing collateral. This project needed be complete in 2 weeks to ensure a successful launch.


This was my first experience designing a product for a marketing campaign. I had to pitch various storylines to marketing and align visuals to the larger campaign. Once we settled on a concept, I enlisted a marketing designer to execute on the broader vision and work closely with engineering to deliver on the data heavy experience. This project proved to be a challenge but had the experience live minutes before air time!



The ad campaign launched during the Oscars and generated lots of positive press. It was meant to drive LinkedIn awareness and sentiment. Based on the metrics, this campaign had a net positive impact on brand perception.